Style Your Happening

With many years of combined experience in the event industry, we know the ins and outs of what it takes to put together a truly great celebration. Apart from delectable cuisine and mood-enhancing music, the decorative elements of an event hold a pivotal role, taking an experience from average to extraordinary. 

                                                Image by Kristen Finn Photography

                                                                                                                                                           Image by Kristen Finn Photography

                   Images above and below by Kristen Finn Photography

Finely Feathered's eye for color, texture, and visual arrangement can help make your next party, wedding, or corporate function shine. We have tons of ideas for how to approach the aesthetic elements of any event and enjoy nothing more than working with clients to hone the signature look, style, and decorative elements that will delight guests and leave them talking long after dessert has been digested. From weddings to cocktail soirees to themed kids' birthday parties, let us provide suggestions on palette, layout, and style inspiration (via digital design boards), conceive of "wow"-factor focal points, source and create custom decorative elements, and be on hand during the big day to set up and style it all perfectly. 

Need just a bit of inspiration or direction in your party planning? Or is there one crucial design element -- say a charming dessert buffet, or an innovative seating assignment display -- that you want to hand over to styling experts?  We are available as styling and event consultants at a reasonable hourly rate. 

For private and corporate event planners: consider us your "styling gurus" on event days. With your hands full of a million other details, leave the aesthetic elements to us as we work behind the scenes to manage the transport, installation, and exquisite arrangement of your event's decor. By the time of guest arrival you will be breathing easy, as the beauty of the space and its impeccable execution unfolds around you.