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Kate Lynn Nemett

Origin Story

I conceived of Finely Feathered after leaving my job as an event producer to spend a year at home with my new son, a pause that allowed me to realize the truly precious and mercurial nature of time. Intent on making the best possible use of mine, I decided to take matters of personal and professional fulfillment into my own hands. Quite literally. I have always loved producing, in all senses of the word, and felt it was the right moment to channel my need for creation with the excitingly daunting prospect of doing what comes naturally -- "making stuff look good" -- as a career.  

I have been dreaming up designs since childhood, (it comes as a surprise to no one that my favorite play areas in preschool were the dress-up and make-believe-house corners), and acting as an interior designer, stylist, decor curator, and personal organizer for friends and family for years. An eye for arrangement and talent for turning chaos into visual harmony have always come naturally, and I love nothing more than to conceive of a style in my head and bring it to life. I'm constantly working within a budget in my own home, so I am well-adept at coming up with low-cost methods for achieving a high-end look. Flea markets, thrift shops, and antique shops are my natural habitat. I aim to combine disparate pieces -- from high to low brow, serious to whimsical -- to achieve a well-curated whole.

My time spent in the event industry makes me aware of the intricate level of detail involved in the craft of a well-designed wedding or party. My personality just so happens to combine the creative thinking, attention to detail and follow-through, and grace under pressure that results in a beautifully styled and seamlessly choreographed occasion. If I could make a living attending parties I would, but I'm not a Kennedy . . . and helping to throw great parties is just as much fun.  

Things About Me: 

  • My Style: eclectic, wordlly, bohemian, glam, vintage, '70s-inspired, colorful
  • My Background: writer and poet by trade (undergrad in English/Writing at Princeton and MFA in Poetry at Columbia); educator (from disadvantaged youth in East Harlem to academically gifted students to urban college kids who hated essays); administrator and program manager; volunteer and activist; mother; wife; frozen yogurt enthusiast. 
  • My Style Icons: Miles Redd, Philippe Starck, Bianca Jagger, Kelly Wearstler, Katherine Hepburn, Dorothy Draper, Florence Welch, Faye Dunaway, John Derian, David Bowie
  • My Cats: Tallulah & Beauregard
  • My Cannot-Resists: vintage barware, feathers, anything gold, ethnic prints, fringe, collage, padogas, Alphonse Mucha prints
  • My Inspiration: trips to West Africa and the Italian countryside, British period dramas, nature's lovely little gifts

But it's not about what I love . . . it's about what you love. Get in touch and share what moves you.